Caiden Wallace Opening Act

caiden wallace

Caiden Wallace is a singer/songwriter from Springville,Ca. His sound and style are a unique addition to the country music scene, bringing a taste of that old classic sound with a new and fresh feel.

Growing up in a small town, Caiden was influenced by the rich culture of what this small farming and ranching community had to offer. With the western lifestyle all around him, Caiden had all the inspiration he needed to jumpstart an artist career. Now a senior in high school; Caiden has dove into his songwriting and began telling stories through the use of his original songs. His music career is just now taking off and he hopes to continue to develop his own sound as he stays true to who he is and what he believes country music should portray.

Caiden has gained much of his following through the use of social media apps and has been able to grow a substantial world wide fan base. There is much ahead for this talented young man and his career in the music industry.