Bear RedellOpening Act

Bear Redell is a singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, CA. He won the Teen Star Santa Barbara competition in 2011 at 14 years old, landing the prize with his piano cover of Train’s “Drops of Jupiter.” The accolade earned him the opportunity to record his original “Think of You” in a studio with rock artist Kenny Loggins. Performing became a job for Redell starting his freshman year of high school. Early gigs consisted of family birthday parties, but by junior year he was performing at weddings and restaurants such as The Landsby in his hometown Solvang, California. Along with performing throughout high school, Redell played football and was a walk-on UCLA linebacker during his first year in college. Redell doesn’t conform to a single genre, allowing him to be completely free in his songwriting. That’s what music is supposed to be – a way for people to express themselves without bounds. Redell wants his music to unite, in the same way it brings together genres such as rap and pop. While his acoustics depict raw feelings, his passion and appreciation for all forms of music brings all audiences together to unite under his creative hybrid.