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Another in the long line of great Texas writer/artists, Mark Nesler writes honest, heartfelt country songs in the spirit of all the country music greats-with a definite focus on today’s contemporary sound. Artists that have benefited from his songwriting talent are George Strait and Tim McGraw in particular. McGraw had a six week #1 single with the Nesler penned song “Just to See You Smile” on his multi-platinum selling “Everywhere” album. George Strait has two #1 singles, thanks to the songwriting talent of Mark Nesler: “Go On” and “Living And Living Well.” Nesler also co-wrote Darryl Worley’s #1 hit, “I Miss My Friend.” Other hit singles include: “For You I Will”- Aaron Tippin, “Heaven In My Women’s Eyes” and “Just Let Me Be In Love”- Tracy Byrd, “Why, Why, Why”- Billy Currington, American Idol finalist Bucky Covington’s debut single, “A Different World,” and Keith Urban’s #1 single release, “You Look Good In My Shirt.” In 2010, Nesler’s music broke new ground when one of his songs was selected as the title track for the movie, Country Strong. He also wrote Billy Currington’s #1 hit, “Let Me Down Easy” and Josh Turner’s hit, “Time Is Love”, Billboard’s most played country single of 2012. Mark continues to write every day and is one of Nashville’s most successful and respected songwriters and artists.

Country performer and songwriter Mark Nesler grew up in Texas, where he began playing guitar at an early age. Influenced by his father’s bluegrass records, he also picked up a little bit of banjo. After playing in pickup bands during high school in the Beaumont area, Nesler graduated to a band that toured in support of the Wrangler Star Search. After the tour finished, Nesler formed the 2 Pistols. But despite the band’s incessant touring, labels weren’t interested. Nesler’s real break came in 1994, when Nashville big wig Jerry Crutchfield signed him to a songwriting deal with MCA Publishing. But then up-and-coming country musician (and fellow Texan) Tracy Byrd asked Nesler to join his touring band as well as write some songs. Nesler accepted and found himself back on the road. But he continued to write songs, and in 1998 Tim McGraw took his “Just to See You Smile” all the way to number one. I’m Just That Way, Nesler’s own solo debut, appeared in June 1998. That same year, he also married contemporary country artist Jennifer Hanson. Nesler continued to write for Trace Adkins and other Nashville artists. In 2002, Daryl Worley performed his “I Miss My Friend.” ~ Johnny Loftus